When a concerned teacher reached out to Healthy Learners Dillon about an 11 year old student who was acting out during class and seemed withdrawn, staff immediately stepped up to help.

The young girl was struggling getting along with her peers in school, and she was showing signs of depression. With significant stressors in her home life, her life seemed to be spiraling in a negative direction and she clearly needed guidance, attention and outside assistance to get back on track. Healthy Learners Dillon staff and her school nurse believed the student could benefit from regular counseling. However, her father worked full time was unable to provide transportation to doctor appointments or counseling.

Healthy Learners Dillon was able to provide support to the student by transporting her to counseling appointments every two weeks. What started out as an emotional season turned into a time of healing for the student. She was prescribed medication for depression and insomnia and continually met with her doctor on a regular basis to learn how to manage her emotions. Over time, staff saw the young girl transform from timid and anxious to full of laughter and smiles.

She is now doing well in school, both academically and socially. She laughs, smiles and communicates well with Healthy Learners Dillon staff and her healthcare providers.

Helping this young girl find joy again is truly rewarding for Healthy Learners Dillon staff. Our staff strives to support vulnerable students not just physically, but emotionally and mentally by eliminating health barriers to learning.

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