Healthy Learners provides vision, dental, and hearing screenings to children in school, childcare, and community settings across the state. The purpose of these screenings is to identify potential health concerns which may impact a child’s ability to succeed academically. Vision, dental, and hearing problems have been identified as three of the most common health barriers to learning (HBLs). Identifying and addressing these HBLs is critical for students to succeed in school. Parents/Guardians are notified of screening results requiring appropriate follow up care.  We assist parents/guardians with scheduling appointments, transportation of children to the appointments, and follow-up care such as picking up glasses. Click any of the icons below to learn more about our screening procedures.


Vision Screening

Vision Screening

Vison screenings are performed using a SPOT Vision Screener, a hand-held device (much like a camera) that takes a “picture” and gives a reading of possible vison problems.


Dental Screening

Dental Screening

Dental screenings are performed by visual exam using a tongue depressor.


Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening

Hearing screenings are performed with an audiometer, a device that identifies hearing problems using headphones.




Vision Screenings

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Dental Screenings

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Hearing Screenings

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