Diligence Celebrated…

Chanelle was frustrated. This was the third time her son Bruce’s dental appointments were repeatedly canceled, jeopardizing her job due to frequent time-off requests. Something had to change to take care of Bruce, but the prospect of switching dentists and getting to appointments without losing her job was overwhelming. She confided in Bruce’s teacher and trusted friend, Mrs. Guenette, who introduced them to Healthy Learners. The team quickly connected Bruce with a reliable dentist and provided oral health education to both he and Chanelle. Over a year later, Bruce was still taking excellent care of his teeth – until an impacted baby tooth causing pain and misalignment of his teeth, threatened to undo so much of his progress. He needed a tooth extraction and braces.

Healthy Learners facilitated the tooth extraction and guided Chanelle in submitting a multi-step Medicaid orthodontics referral. Medicaid approved Bruce’s braces because they were medically necessary. Healthy Learners continues to transport Bruce to his monthly orthodontics appointments. Bruce is taking excellent care of his teeth, and his braces as well, grateful to have a team by his side, cheering him on and celebrating his diligent care.

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