The Thrive Network is made up of people who long to see all children healthy, happy, and able to meet their full potential! By monthly or quarterly giving, our Thrive Network members sustain Healthy Learners mission as, together, we remove children’s health barriers to learning with love and compassion, empowering them to Thrive all year long.


As a member of our Thrive Network, we want you to know how much we cherish your advocacy, support, and drive to help children with health barriers to learning. To us, you are family. That is why every month, you will be kept "in the know" about Healthy Learners by receiving:


  • Monthly insider email updates with resources, impact-stories, and more!
  • Exclusive in-person and online events, with ongoing education for understanding & addressing health barriers to learning for children in our state.
  • Access to an inside look at Healthy Learners process for breaking down health barriers to learning
  • Healthy Learners swag – to proudly proclaim your desire for every child in our community to THRIVE.
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