MENTAL HEALTHinitiatives

At Healthy Learners, we understand that mental health is part of overall health. Research shows suicide is the second leading cause of death in young adults nationwide. In response to increased deaths by suicide in counties across South Carolina, Healthy Learners is training teachers, school counselors, and community leaders in Youth Mental Health First Aid. This evidence-based training gives participants the skills to identify signs and symptoms of mental illness and/or substance use.


The first step in helping our young people through mental health challenges is to decrease the stigma, normalize the conversation, and start looking at mental health as part of overall health. Access our mental health toolkit for resources.

It is estimated that


of individuals who die by suicide displayed signs beforehand

Suicide is the


leading cause of death in young adults

In an average day, there are more than


suicide attempts made by middle school and high school students

To learn more information on our mental health initiatives, please contact:


Kathy Wilbur

Mental Health Initiatives Manager
Phone: 803-904-4979