Hampton County Partners with Healthy Learners

November 24, 2021 | Press Releases

Hampton County School District

November 17, 2021

Ronald Wilcox, Superintendent


Hampton County School District is excited to partner with Healthy Learners, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System. Healthy Learners is devoted to removing children’s health barriers to learning with love and compassion. In order for our communities to thrive, it is essential that children are healthy and well-educated, graduate from high school on time, and perform at their full potential. Healthy Learners has five regional programs that serve 195 schools across fifteen (15) South Carolina school districts.

“Healthy Learners is thrilled to extend our mission into Hampton County to provide children access to essential healthcare services,” said Amy Splittgerber, executive director of Healthy Learners. “When we make the decision to extend our reach, we are making a long-term commitment to Hampton families to assure that children’s healthcare needs are met so that they are given every opportunity to thrive in school.”
Superintendent of Hampton County schools, Dr. Ronald Wilcox, commented, “We are grateful to Healthy Learners for their support. Removing health barriers that may hinder the students’ learning will benefit children, families, and our school system.”

The following services will be available to students: Vision Care, Dental Care, Asthmas Care, Transportation to Appointments, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Coordination of Care, Health Care, Hearing Care, and Assistance with the Medicaid Application Process.

Specific details regarding support for students will follow. For more information, see healthylearners.com.