Perdue Farms Presents Healthy Learners Dillon with a $5,000 Check

Posted on October 17th, 2014

Debbie Miller, HL; Dee Newell, HL; Lea King, HL; HL student; Randy Brown, Perdue

Debbie Miller, Dee Newell, Lea King, HL student, Randy Brown

Perdue Farms, through a $5,000 grant funded by the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, is continuing its support of the Healthy Learners Dillon program that provides children who are in need and without resources access to basic health care services.  Since 2009, the Foundation has provided $32,500 in funding to support the Healthy Learners’ program.

“The financial support provided by the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation is instrumental in not only providing access to health care for Dillon children, but it demonstrates to funders outside of the local area that Perdue Farms and Foundation are committed to improving the health of our most vulnerable asset – our children,” said Jo Pauling-Jones, executive director of Healthy Learners.

Since its inception in 2005, the Healthy Learners Dillon program has provided 754 children with access to 3,484 health care services.  According to Pauling-Jones, more than 65,428 miles have been traveled to meet the unmet health needs of these children.

Healthy Learners is a faith-based non-profit that connects children to care so that poor health is not an obstacle to doing well in school.  The organization addresses poverty at its root, so that future generations can lift themselves, and their communities, to a better life.

In an effort to continue to provide health care services for children who are in need and without resources, Healthy Learners partners with schools and community health care providers to not only help children secure needed health care services, but also to provide transportation and coordination of care for medical appointments.  Each year, Healthy Learners helps children in Dillon by providing them with health care services like vision care, dental care, assistance with prescription medications, evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders and episodic care for other medical concerns.

“At Perdue, we recognize the strong history Healthy Learners has in helping serve the needs of children in Dillon County and the Pee Dee Region,” said Randy Brown, director of Perdue operations in Dillon. “We’re proud of our partnership and share in their commitment to making a difference in the community through our continued support from the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation.”

Healthy Learners thanks Perdue Farms for their continued support!

Pictured in the photo above (left to right) is Debbie Miller, Student Services Coordinator, Healthy Learners Dillon; Dee Newell, Program Manager, Healthy Learners Dillon; Lea King, Fund Development Coordinator, Healthy Learners Dillon; Healthy Learners student; and Randy Brown, Director of Perdue Operations, Dillon.