Transportation to Appointments Makes a World of Difference

Healthy Learners Allendale Program Manager Shelley Thomas had seen the mother of first-grader Alexandra* walking along the street near Alexandra’s elementary school several times. Thomas also saw Alexandra and her mother at a health care provider’s office. After inquiring with the school nurse, Thomas learned that to get Alexandra to health care appointments, her mom had to walk several blocks to school and then pay someone to drive her and Alexandra. Thomas also learned that Alexandra occasionally missed appointments because of difficulty getting a ride.

Healthy Learners worked with the school nurse to have Alexandra’s mother complete a consent form. Healthy Learners then helped with scheduling appointments and transporting Alexandra to receive treatment for ADHD, quickly building a trusting relationship with her mother. Healthy Learners also began picking up her prescription from the pharmacy and delivering it to the school nurse so Alexandra would receive her medication at a consistent time at school. After a couple of medication adjustments, Alexandra began performing better in school. The school nurse also reports that Alexandra’s disruptive behavior in the classroom has greatly improved.

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Allendale)