Student Continues to Thrive with Proper Medical and Dental Care

Joseph* was a first grader in a special education class when a school nurse referred him to Healthy Learners. He needed an evaluation for behavioral issues and for struggling academically in the classroom. He had been dismissed by his primary care physician for multiple no shows. Joseph’s family had no transportation and he did not have a stable living environment, sometimes staying with his parents and sometimes with his grandmother. Healthy Learners helped find a new primary care physician who diagnosed Joseph with ADHD and prescribed medication. Joseph had also never been to a dentist. Healthy Learners found him a permanent pediatric dentist who provided treatment and care. Because he had never been taught, Joseph had poor oral hygiene, which changed after learning how to properly care for his teeth.

Joseph’s first grade year ended on a very high note. According to his teacher, he improved greatly in academics and classroom behavior. Joseph is now a fifth grader and doing great. He lives with his grandmother full time and is still served by Healthy Learners because of transportation issues and the need for case management and consistency of care. At his last visit, the dentist commented that Joseph is a true success story—he was cavity free and his oral hygiene was excellent. Joseph’s family has also learned a lot over the years about ADHD, medication and oral hygiene habits, and they are now more involved in his care. The family has expressed their gratitude many times for the assistance Joseph has received through Healthy Learners.

*His name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Greenwood)