Repaired Eyeglasses Keep Student on Track at School

A teacher at a Georgetown elementary school noticed that 8-year-old Emma*, a girl in her class, would squint to see the front of the classroom and the material on the board. The teacher spoke to the school nurse, who contacted Emma’s mother to find out if the student had ever worn glasses or had an eye exam. Her mother told the school nurse that Emma broke her glasses and she could not afford to purchase another pair for her. The nurse told her mother about Healthy Learners and asked her to send the broken glasses to school the next day along with a signed consent form.

Healthy Learners received the broken glasses from the school nurse and took them to a local eye care provider, who promptly fixed them. Healthy Learners delivered the glasses back to the school nurse. With glasses that can now be worn again, Emma no longer struggles with seeing the board and her mother reports that she continues to prosper and be productive in school. Without the help of Healthy Learners, Emma and her mom would have had to sacrifice something the family needed in order to buy her new glasses.

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Georgetown)