Relief for a Hard-Working Mother—and Her Son

Winslow Hill’s mom was a hard-working single parent of two, working first shift to make ends meet for her family. She had medical insurance through her employer, but not dental coverage.

 When her son Winslow, an 11th-grade student at Greenwood High School at the time, needed dental work, Healthy Learners was there to help. Winslow was living with tooth pain from a few teeth that had cavities and needed to be filled. The pain would get worse after lunch, which led to headaches and difficulty paying attention in class—which was taking a toll on his grades.

 Winslow’s school nurse referred him to Healthy Learners to get the dental care he needed at no cost and transportation to appointments over the course of a year since his mom could not take time off from work. The dentist filled Winslow’s cavities and gave him health prevention information for avoiding future cavities.

 “Without the help from Healthy Learners and the amazing people I met, I believe problems with my teeth would have continued going uncorrected,” said Winslow. “It meant a lot to have someone with me every step of the way. I felt loved and cared for. They created a warm environment and I felt like family.”

 After graduating from high school, Winslow studied at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood. Now 26, Winslow works as a warehouse fork lift operator at SPF North America in Hodges, South Carolina.

 Winslow’s mother said she greatly appreciates the services and commitment her son received. “Healthy Learners went above and beyond. It makes a mother feel relieved that her child was being taken care of even when he wasn’t with me. They always made sure my son got home or back to school safely. Thank you,” she said.