Quick Trip to the Doctor Means Second Grader Can Focus on School Work Again

Second-grader Marvin* was referred to Healthy Learners for a skin rash. His family did not own a car so Marvin’s father had to ride with a co-worker to work each day while the mother stayed at home with two younger siblings. Because of the lack of transportation, Marvin had not been able to get to a doctor for the skin rash. It had spread all over his body and was very irritating, preventing him from focusing on his school work. He was wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants to school in 90-degree weather to hide the rash so the other students would not make fun of him, but once the rash spread to his face, he could no longer hide it. Some classmates started to poke fun at Marvin and would refuse to stand next to him. Healthy Learners took Marvin to the doctor the very next day after receiving the referral. The doctor prescribed medication to treat the rash and within a few days it had cleared up. Marvin was so happy. He was able to play with his friends and the itching had stopped so he could focus on his school work again.

*His name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Georgetown)