Overcoming a Learning Barrier

It’s not surprising that children who cannot see cannot learn. That’s why Healthy Learners has helped thousands of children get eyeglasses since 2000. One of those children who has been helped is Blanca Mojica. Blanca was in high school in Greenwood, South Carolina, when she began having trouble seeing the boards in school, making it difficult to take notes and keep up in her classes.

Around the same time, her family situation changed. Her mother became a single mother of three and her family did not have health or vision insurance. Apart from the difficulty of paying for an eye exam and glasses, it would have been a struggle for her mother to take Blanca to appointments.

Healthy Learners ensured Blanca received the eye care she needed at no cost to her mother, as well as dental care and transportation to appointments.

Being able to see the front of the classroom made a big difference in her ability to learn. No longer struggling to see, Blanca graduated from high school in 2016. She began working at a factory in the production area and was quickly promoted off the factory floor and into the role of an administrative assistant in the facility’s office.

She attributes her education and ability to learn while in school to her success at her current job.