Needed Medication Helps 4-Year Old Breathe Easier

Four-year-old Dion* and his mother had recently relocated to the Georgetown area. Dion attended pre-k at a Georgetown elementary school. He needed an inhaler and his mother had applied for Medicaid to ensure Dion could receive the medical care and prescriptions he required. While still waiting for confirmation from Medicaid, Dion’s elementary school nurse told his mother about Healthy Learners. The parent sent Dion’s inhaler prescription and a completed Healthy Learners application to the school nurse the next day.

Healthy Learners filled the prescription at a local pharmacy and then delivered it to the school nurse. Without the inhaler, Dion could not have stayed in school and his life might have been in jeopardy. Thanks to Healthy Learners, Dion did not miss any valuable instructional time in the classroom and he remained medically stable. Healthy Learners also provided Dion’s mother with a reference to a local pediatric dentist who could treat a child with special needs. A couple weeks after Dion received his new inhaler, he did obtain Medicaid.

*His name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Georgetown)