Improved Vision Leads to a Clear Transformation

Rose* is a fourth grader in a special education classroom at South Kilbourne Elementary school in Columbia, South Carolina. She and her mother moved to South Carolina at the start of the school year from an Indian Reservation in Canada. Rose came to South Kilbourne with poor self esteem. She always looked down and rarely made eye contact. Rose’s teacher was concerned about possible vision problems, so she had her visit the school nurse. The school nurse attempted to perform a vision screening, but Rose was unable to see the large “E” at the top of the chart. That meant her vision was 20/200 or worse, which is considered legally blind.

Because 10-year-old Rose did not have health insurance coverage, the nurse referred her mom to Healthy Learners so she could receive an eye exam and glasses. The day Rose received glasses, she returned to school and hugged her teacher because it was the first time she could clearly see her face.

Healthy Learners will also be providing dental care for Rose and she will be re-tested by the school psychologist to determine if she should stay in special education classes.

“The transformation in this child is amazing,” said School Nurse Melanie Alphin. “She now makes eye contact, holds her head up and participates in class. Her handwriting has gone from illegible to beautiful and she has an improved self esteem.”

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Midlands)