Glasses Help Third Grader See Path to College

As a third grader at South Kilbourne Elementary School in Columbia, Atiya had difficulty seeing the board in the classroom, which made it difficult for her to focus on learning. Without health or vision insurance and with a single mother struggling to support four children, the school nurse connected Atiya and her mother to Healthy Learners.

 Healthy Learners scheduled an eye exam for Atiya and transported her to the appointment. After getting her first pair of glasses, Atiya could clearly see what her teacher was writing on the board. She began to excel in school, taking honors classes from third grade until she graduated from high school.

 Atiya is now a freshman at Benedict College majoring in early childhood education. She expects to graduate in 2021 and attributes part of her success to Healthy Learners.

“Healthy Learners is a great organization and I will forever be grateful that they helped me get glasses when I needed them. They helped me get to where I am today,” said Atiya.