Getting Much-Needed Medical Attention

Fifteen-year-old Kayla* was being raised by her grandmother, who had difficulty driving. For the past three years, Healthy Learners has transported Kayla to her annual vision screening. During an earlier exam, her retina and optic nerve had changes, so she was referred to a specialist. The specialist found everything to be normal. At the most recent exam, her eyes had changed dramatically—to the point where she was referred to her family doctor to follow up with a CT scan or MRI to rule out a tumor or other conditions. Kayla was on Medicaid, but did not have a primary physician. Healthy Learners helped establish a relationship with a local provider and drove her to her appointment. Thankfully, an MRI revealed everything was normal. Kayla will continue to be monitored every six months for any further changes. Kayla’s grandmother has repeatedly told Healthy Learners Dillon staff how thankful she is for the help and attention the program has provided her granddaughter.

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Dillon)