Family in a Bind Turns to Healthy Learners for Daughter’s Dental Help

Seven-year old Julie* went to the school nurse at Kensington Elementary School in Georgetown, South Carolina, complaining of severe tooth pain. The school nurse contacted Julie’s mother and learned that the family did not have insurance and could not afford to cover the cost of a dental appointment. Julie’s father had been laid off and had just started a new job. The nurse let her mother know about Healthy Learners, who then involved Julie’s grandmother. The family was excited to learn about this medical resource, so excited in fact that her grandmother came to the Healthy Learners office in person to complete the required consent form and discuss her granddaughter’s dental problem.

Healthy Learners made an appointment for Julie to be seen that day with a local dental provider. The dentist took an X-ray and referred Julie to a pediatric dentist. Healthy Learners arranged for Julie to see a specialist, who determined the tooth needed to be pulled. The cavity was so bad it had progressed down to the nerve, making it a more complicated extraction. The specialist pulled Julie’s tooth and she quickly recovered. Relieved of her tooth pain, Julie was able to concentrate in class and stay in her classroom because she no longer had frequent visits to the school nurse’s office.

Healthy Learners also helped the family secure Medicaid coverage for Julie. Her mother had submitted a Medicaid application a few weeks prior to being referred to Healthy Learners, but had not yet heard back. Healthy Learners contacted a Medicaid representative to discuss the progress of the application, learning that Medicaid needed a letter from Julie’s father stating that he had been laid off from his job and had just started a new job. With that handled, Medicaid approved the application, which meant the family would no longer need services from Healthy Learners since Julie now had insurance and the grandmother could transport her to medical appointments.

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Georgetown)