Emergency Dental Treatment Allows High School Student to Stay in School

The pain from 16-year-old Bailey’s* abscessed tooth was so severe, she could not sleep at night or concentrate in high school. She was also missing school because of the severe pain. She eventually visited a Georgetown dental provider. The dentist referred her to Healthy Learners because she needed emergency treatment, but her Medicaid had lapsed and her mother could not pay for services. Healthy Learners met Bailey and her mother at the provider’s office, where they completed the Healthy Learners consent form. The dentist immediately treated Bailey, cleaning out the infection and putting her on an antibiotic.

Because her mother could not take time off of work, Healthy Learners transported Bailey to her remaining follow-up dental appointments. With the abscessed tooth treated and the emergency handled, Bailey was able to remain in school and continue being an engaged student, and sleep peacefully at night. And, with Healthy Learners providing transportation, her mother was able to continue providing for her family financially without missing time from work. Healthy Learners also assisted Bailey’s mother with re-certifying for South Carolina Medicaid so she could get the dental care needed. A few weeks after receiving treatment, the 16-year-old’s Medicaid was reinstated.

*Her name has been changed

(Healthy Learners Georgetown)