An Amazing Reunion!

I noticed a young man out of the corner of my eye standing in the lobby. He looked very familiar to me. He was handing out brochures and standing in front of a poster board. I assumed he was working on a school project. The third time I stepped into the lobby he came up to me and said, ‘You look familiar to me”. I told him I had been thinking the exact same thing about him. He told me he was 19 years old and was a student at the University of South Carolina in the School of Public Health. Just as I thought, he was working on a class project. I told him that I worked for Healthy Learners and I was at the doctor’s office with a family that did not have health insurance. His eyes lit up and he asked me if I ever went to Hopkins Elementary School and if I ever took kids to get glasses. I told him ‘Yes” to both questions. He almost floored me when he said, “You took me to get glasses when I was in the second grade.” We hugged and caught up with each other. He told me that receiving those glasses from Healthy Learners helped him do better in school and he stopped having headaches. His goal is to become a doctor so he can give back to his community like Healthy Learners gave to him. It was such a blessing to learn that Healthy Learners had touched his life and made a positive impact on this young man. (By the way, I looked up his Healthy Learners paperwork and I took him to get glasses in February 1999 – one month after I started working with Healthy Learners!)