A Mother’s Faith Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

Just wanted to share with you–I sent out an email after Cindy Poole sent out hers about making sure students have glasses etc. for testing coming up, and had several teachers send me students they want. One 7th grade student I called in to the Health Room and asked her about her glasses because she failed her vision at the 7th grade screening and I’ve sent home two referral forms, and she said “I dropped my glasses at the bus stop and when I found them, they were all messed up, and my mom just can’t afford another pair because I’ve used up all my free ones from Medicaid.” So I told her about Healthy Learners and gave her a packet to take home, and she got the biggest smile on her face and said, “my mama’s gonna say, ‘just look how the Lord blesses’ when I show her this!” Yes He does!! Thank the Lord for Healthy Learners! 🙂