A Chance Encounter

I have a colleague who works a part-time job in the evenings. She shared with me “a chance encounter” with a customer. While assisting a customer a conversation ensued, the customer shared that she was from Allendale, SC, my colleague went on to share that she works with a Ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System and that the Health System also has a ministry, Healthy Learners that has a program serving Allendale County school children. The customer then shared that she knew Healthy Learners well and that she had a best friend whose son needed glasses her friend could not afford to buy. The customer told the friend to check with the school, that surely there was a resource to help. Sure enough, when the best friend contacted the school, she learned about Healthy Learners Allendale. As a result, the child received the glasses he needed so desperately.

The customer went on to share with my colleague that as a child she also needed glasses. Her vision was very poor; however, there was not a Healthy Learners available for her. She did not receive the glasses she needed until she was in high school, as a result her school performance suffered. When she finally received the glasses she needed, she immediately noticed a significant difference in her sight, went on to improve her grades in school, went into the military and has had a successful career.

We never know who we are going to meet and how our paths may cross, but we can remain encouraged when we learn from outside, unsolicited sources that our ministry is touching the lives of children and making a positive difference.

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