Circles of Love and Hope

Circles of Love and Hope ($1 – $999)

2711 Middleburg, LLC

Donna Adams

Rayne Adams

Kit and Terry Adkins

Randy and Mary Alice Akers

Gary Aldridge

Allegra Printing

Julie Allen

Charlotte and Corey Anthony

Jim Assenmacher

Kent and Ashlee Atkins

Augustus & Carolina, LLC

Matt and Laura Bachinski

Barbara and Patrick Bagley

Leo and Linda Bagley

Alice Balentine

Ray and Gene Balentine

Joanne and Walter P. Jackson

Deborah Barbier

Cathy Barrett

Karen Barrett

Dr. O’Neill Barrett, Jr.

John and Elizabeth Beale

Beau Welling Design LLC

Dr. David R. Beckham, Jr. and Mitzi Beckham

Anne and John Bedlek

Belk Department Store

Bell Legal Group

Drs. Myron and Linda Bell

Rodger Benson

Big Tuna Restaurant and Raw Bar

John and Elaine Blackmon

Cynthia M. Blakeney and W. Roy Blakeney, Jr.

Jeff Bopp

Mike and Carol Bova

Ronald and Mary Bowman

Dohnna and John Boyajian

Brewer Middle School

Bristow LLC

Dr. Walter J. Bristow, III and Anne J. Bristow

Jeff Z. Brooker, M.D. and Rhoda A. Brooker

Glen and Lindi Brooks

Budweiser of Columbia and Greenville Foundation, Inc.

Bill and Ginnette Bugar

Joan Bumpus

Sarena and Preston Burch

James and Caroline Burton

James and Linda Burton

Stephen Bygott

Mary Bynum

Michael Cafaro, Ph.D.

Barbara Ann Campbell

Capsugel, Division of Pfizer, Inc.

Carolina Health Centers, Inc.

Sean and Maria Carter

Kyle Cassidy

Rita Bragg Caughman

Philip and Courtney Cavatoni

Wilbur Cave


Dick and Laurie Chapman

Charles Poore Sunday School Class

Monty and Kathryn Cherup

Clermont Plantation

Lisa and Perry Collins

Jennifer Cooke

Stephanie Cooper-Lewter

Elaine Copeland


Janice and Michael Coward

Kara Cumalander

David A. Crotts & Associates

Davis and Floyd

Charles and Lois Davis

Ramsey Dawson

Sarah Deal

Gary Dennis, Jr.

Jason Dennis

Jim and Mariellen Deyling

Dillon Family Medicine

Dillon Lions Club

Marla and Bill Dixon

Suzanne and John Doyle

Charles and Anne Drake

Julie and Stuart Driver

Jennifer and Lee Duffie

Duke Energy

Shell and Mary Dula

Dr. Mark H. DuPuis and Buffie DuPuis

Scott and Margie Eaton

Elizabeth Taylor Satterfield Interior Design, Inc.

Sheila Ellison & Dr. Thomas Scott Ellison

June Elmblad

Emerald High School

Tina Emerson

Jane Faircloth

Falk-Griffin Foundation

Harriott Faucette

Pamela Faulkner

Norm and Roxie Fawcett

Joseph and Carolyn Fennell

Larry Ferguson

First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

Karen and Terry Floyd

Judith and John Foley

Robin Fox

Alonzo and Elizabeth Frazier

Kim and Greg Frohnappel

Taranda Frost

FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

Andrea Fulmer

Randy and Janice Fulmore

G. Frank Russell Career Center

Larry and Kayta Gajdos

James Gallieshaw

Fred Gantt

Laura Garrett and Julian E. Garrett, II

Phillip and Christine Gates

Genesis Education Center

Gary and Amy Gillion

Patrick Giusto

Joan Gleaton

Globepas Vintage Elements

Lisa Goff

Steve and Barbara Goggans

Charlie and Susan Golden

Laura Grantham

Brian Graves

Chuck and Christine Graves

Jonathan Graves

Dr. Charles D. Gray and Carol L. Gray

The Greater Bible Way Church of Georgetown

Harold Green, II and Andrea Green

William and Barbara Green

Giesele Robinson Greene, M.D. and James Greene, D.D.S.

Merlethia Greene

The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce

Greenwood County School District No. 52

Greenwood Early Childhood Center

Greenwood Flat Glass

Greenwood Golden K Kiwanis Club

Greenwood High School

Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital

Greenwood School District 50

David Gregory

Amanda Grover

Jackie Gurley, LMT

Matt Hammond

Elizabeth Hardage

Teressa and Kim Harrington

Genelda Harris

Dan and Rebecca Harrison

Margaret Harrison and B. F. Harrison, Jr.

Anna Hartzell

Judy Haslam

Brad Hauber at The Right Word

Mary Anne Hess

Pat and Brenda Hill

Hinds, Cowan, Strange & Geer, LLC

Michael Hobbs

Hodges Elementary School

Judith A. Hoffman, M.D. and Thomas Hoffman, D.M.D.

Maureen Holbrooks

Diana Holloway

Dr. John Holman and Barbara Holman

Dr. Ann Holzhauer

Dr. Bettie Rose Horne

The Honorable Lonnie Hosey and Doris Hosey

Pam and Will Hudnall

Anthony Hughes

The Humane Society of Greenwood SC

Innovative Business Partners, Inc.

Integrative Healthcare Solutions, LLC


Christine Jayne

JBJ Designs

Karen Jenkins

Philip Jenkins

The Joggling Board

Elaine Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Donald and Patricia Johnson

Dana Holly Johnston

Brad and Mary Jones

Nellie and Robert Jones

Dr. John A. Joseph, Jr. and Susan T. Joseph

Jon and Crissa Keith

Tom and Doris Keith

Jim and Nancy Kier

Kirk Commercial Construction, LLC

Jean and Kelly Kirkpatrick

Audrea Klugh

Marion Knox, Jr. and Cathy Knox

Dr. Maria K. and Dr. John Kratsios

KRJ Consulting

Claire and Steven Kuhl

Angelle and Matthew LaBorde

Lou Lachicotte

William Laffin, III

Lakeview Elementary School

Rebecca and Phillip Lammonds

Dr. Arthur Lance, Jr. and Leona Lance

Lander University

Connie Lane

The Honorable Theo Lane

Sam Leaman

Edward Leppard, Jr., M.D. and\ Connie Leppard

Julianne Lewis

Lexington Lions Club

Kathleen and Terrence Lillicrapp

The Litchfield Company Real Estate

Shirley Little

Leon Liu

Live Oak Dental Specialists, Inc.

Olivia and Mitch Lockhart

Patricia Lolas

Dr. Charles Long

Long’s Drugs

Pat and Wilson Lowery

Bruce and Susan Lueck

Micki and Jason Luquire

Kay MacInnis

Wendy and Tom Major

Mako Medical Laboratories

Lee Ann and Charles Maley

John and Rosemary Mallon

James Manley, Jr. and Denise Manley

Margaret Manning

Tony and Melissa Mash

Mathews Elementary School

Mathews Lions Club

Agnesann Mathis

Matrix Oxygen Injections Systems, LLC

Richard and Lelia Maynard

Maria McCall

James McClain

Sam and Gina McCuen

Betsy and Julius McKay

J. Roland McKinney, M.D.

Thomas and Meg McLean

The McNealey Group

Dorothy and John McNiff

James and Elaine Dowdy Melvin

John and Gladys Mento

Merchant Services

Merrywood Elementary School

Ginny Metts

Ben and Suzanne Milazzo

Barbara A. Miles and\ Dr. A. Curtis Miles

Ms. Deborah R. Miller

Judy and Joseph Misiak

The Honorable Chuck Moates

Andrew Montgomery

Bee and Sally Montgomery

Jarrod Moody

The Moore Company

Mary Ellen Moore

Nancy and Marion Moore

Dr. Richard Moore

Dr. Harris and Mrs. Patricia J. Moore-Pastides

Kim Morgan

Billy and Virginia Mote

Mount Hope Baptist Church

Mount Hope Sunday School Convention

Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Mt. Olive Baptist Church – Dunbar Section

Nazareth AME Church

Michael and Barbara Neds

Nephron Pharmaceuticals

Network for Good

Dee Newell

Gairy and Marcia Nichols

Ninety Six Ministerial Association

Ninety Six Primary School

Daniel Nolan

Pat and Lisa Nolan

Phyllis Nolan

Northland Communications

Northside Middle School

Patrick M. Siau Insurance Agency, Inc.

Marchella Pauling

Bony and Boo Peace

Pediatric Dentistry of Greenwood

Patricia Pena

Kimberly and Lowell Person

Teresa and Pete Peterson

Piedmont Technical College

Dr. Michael E. Piepenbring and Lee Piepenbring

Pinecrest Elementary School

Peggy Piontek

Winnie Poole

Bryan and Christi Poore

Jeremy Pope

Matthew Prior

Janis Puzar

Tommy Rambo

Deena Ransom

Marge M. Rath

Red Seal Measurement

Steve and Kathy Reto

Anne Rice

Rice Elementary School

Rice Woodlands LLC

Cleo F. Richardson, Jr., Ed.D. and\ Betty G. Richardson

Mark and Monty Richardson

David Riley

Gwen Ritter-Walker

Bryan and Beth Rivers

Mark Roach

Diane Roberto

Michael and Catharine Robertson

James and Roxanne Robine

Barry and Aleta Robinson

Brit Rodgers

Aixa Rodriguez-Mariani

Jason Rosenberg, M.D.

Peter Roy

Rush Heating and Cooling Inc.

Kristi and Chip Rush

Dr. John A. H. Russell and Dr. Kimberly Russell

S&ME, Inc.

Dr. Sarah J. Sanchez and Flaminio Sanchez

Edie Sansbury

Don and Loraine Saxton

SC Pain and Spine Specialist LLC

Matthew and Natalie Shaffer

Mary Jane and Julian Shand

Langley Shealy

Dean and Barri Sigvertsen

Kelli and Jim Silliman

Elena Silva

Mary and Larry Silva

Aundrea Simons

Juan Sims

Vlastimil Smetka

Charlotte and Heath Smith

Dr. H. G. Smith and Adelaide B. Smith

Dana and Kathryn Smoak

South Atlantic Bank

South State Bank

Robert T. Spangler, M.D. and Donna L. Spangler

Katrina Spigner

Sports Break, Inc.

Springfield Elementary School

St. Mark United Methodist Church

Leesa Still

Dr. Mark Stokes

Stokes Regional Eye Center

Robin Stone, M.D. and Rodney Stone

Johnny and Peg Stover

Harold and Claudia Stowe

Tom and Susan Strauss

Chuck and T.J. Strawn

Robin Stursa

Ben and Betsy Summer

Swallow Savannah United Methodist Church

Bettie Taylor

Dr. Jeffrey B. Thomas and DeAnna H. Thomas

M. M. Thomas, III and R. W. Thomas

Dick and Shelley Thomas

Richard and Tonya Thomason

Thomlynn Foundation

Carrie Thompson

Donna Thompson

Viswanath Thumsi

Ged and Angela Tiller

Tom and Suzanne Tiller

Angela and Stuart Tinkler

Ricky Tipton

Jerry Todd

David and Casey Tompkins

Tranquil United Methodist Church

Freddie Travis

Violet Tsiantis

TT&C Hotel Group

TTH Services, Inc.

Charles Tull

Clyde and Peggy Turbeville

Dave and Amaryllis Turman

Marcus Turner

Tych and Walker Architects

David and Allison Van Cleef

Donna and Craig Waites

Robin Wallenceus

Larry and Barbara Warner

Rosalind Welder

Brittany Wells

Patricia and Peter Wells

Scott Wells

Westview Middle School

Kathryn and L.S. White

Dr. Ab Wilkinson and Laura Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson

Robert Williams

Brian Willner

Gail and Troy Wilson

Windermere Insurance Group

Mary Ann Wingard

Winyah Home Rx, LLC

Lisa Wood

Tim and Beth Wood

Woodfields Elementary School

Mary Woodiwiss

Allison and Cannon Wooten

Wyche, P.A.

Paul and Claire Yarborough

Larry and Diane Zullinger


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