Child Eligibility

Healthy Learners Midlands serves children who are in need and without resources in Richland County School Districts 1 and 2 and Lexington County School Districts 2 and 4. Our target population is the children who would otherwise fall through the “cracks” of the system. In the Midlands program this includes:

1.  Children who do not have Medicaid or other private health coverage.

2.  Children with Medicaid who need replacement eyeglasses.

3.  Children with Medicaid who are in need of assistance with transportation and/or care coordination on a case by case basis.

School nurses use the free/reduced lunch guidelines to help determine eligibility, however service may be determined on a case by case basis.

The student’s school nurse is the liaison between Healthy Learners and the family. Once a referral is made, an appointment is scheduled with the appropriate provider and transportation is arranged. After the child’s appointment, the provider’s findings as well as follow-up care instructions are shared with the school nurse who in turn communicates these results to the parent/guardian.