Greenwood Community Meeting and Listening Session

Posted on September 2nd, 2014

The American Veterans Auditorium in the Greenwood County Library was the location of a Community Meeting hosted by Healthy Learners, the Healthy Learners Board of Trustees and Friends of Healthy Learners Greenwood, in conjunction with a Listening Session hosted by the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina on August 27, 2014. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold, to discuss the sustainability of the Healthy Learners Greenwood program and to share the direct impact of the program with the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina. The meeting allowed an opportunity to provide new insights and solutions, which will hopefully result in a higher level of contributions and commitments to the continuation of the program.

John Heydel, resident of Greenwood and chair of the Healthy Learners Board of Trustees opened the meeting stating, “Today is all about the health and well-being of our children, “our future”!  Heydel noted the Healthy Learners Greenwood expansion into Greenwood School District #51 (Ware Shoals) and recognized Faye Sprouse, Ph.D., the Superintendent of Greenwood School District #51.  The Healthy Learners Board of Trustees treasurer, Rich Williams, shared that the current operating budget for the Greenwood program is $195,605 and that there is still a need for the program in the Greenwood community to provide access to health care for school children.  “We know that our program is mission driven, cost effective, and does not duplicate the services offered by any other non-profit organization,” said Williams.  Healthy Learners Greenwood provider, Mary Haigler, DMD, talked about the impact of Healthy Learners on the community and the children served by Healthy Learners. A powerful, compelling parent testimonial was given by Jennifer Todd as she expressed her appreciation to Healthy Learners for the access to health care and coordination of services for her son.  Dru James, Friend of Healthy Learners Greenwood, Community Advocate, and long-term supporter commented on her belief in the Healthy Learners service delivery model, which allows the children to receive the access to health care they so desperately need, often, in record time as reported by teachers and school nurses in the Healthy Learners End of Year Surveys.

As Nancy Moore, Greenwood School District 50 Lead School Nurse, and Friend of Healthy Learners Greenwood presented her plea for support, she invited the local community leaders that served with Healthy Learners Greenwood since its inception in 2005 to stand, as well as past Advisory Board members, those that have sponsored fundraisers and the Friends of Healthy Learners Greenwood.  Moore also thanked all of the generous and dedicated donors from Greenwood with a special thank you to Self Regional Healthcare and Jim Pfeiffer, Self Family Foundation, Frank Wideman, Mamie Nicholson, and the Self Family, The United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties, Bill and Connie Timmons Foundation, Greenwood Community Foundation, and the Greenwood Rotary Club.  In addition, Moore reported that since 2005, when Healthy Learners Greenwood began to operate, the program has provided 1,136 children with access to 6,633 health care services, more than 79,371 miles have been traveled transporting children to and from health care appointments, picking up and delivering their medications and glasses, and following up as necessary, while a total of 9,115.85 hours haven been spent delivering the services to the children.  Medications have been the most requested service, followed closely by dental services.  “For every $1.00 invested by Healthy Learners Greenwood, there is a Return of Investment of $3.27,” said Moore.  Greenwood School District #50 Superintendent, Community Partner, and Friend of Healthy Learners Greenwood, Darrell Johnson expressed the importance, value, and appreciation of the school district’s partnership with Healthy Learners.

Immediately following the Community Meeting, Tom Keith, President of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina and his staff talked with families, school administrators, school nurses and board members as they shared their experience with the Healthy Learners program.

Healthy Learners thanked the community for their participation and support.  Click here to view video clip of Community Meeting and Listening Session.