Facebook Voters Choose Chasity Boleman for Healthy Learners School Nurse Superstar

Posted on May 7th, 2014

Not only is the school nurse invaluable to the children, the school nurse is vital to the Healthy Learners service delivery.  Without qualified and experienced school nurses taking the necessary steps to meet the critical needs of the children, 1,000’s would not have received medical care to stay healthy and succeed in life.  The Healthy Learners school nurse identifies the child in need of Healthy Learners services based on school health screening, teacher or parent request.  Once the child has been identified, the school nurse sends the Healthy Learners paperwork home with the child to begin determination of eligibility and to obtain parental consent for services.  After the paperwork has been returned, the school nurse refers the child to Healthy Learners. Still involved in the service delivery process after the referral takes place, the school nurse may identify other health care needs of the child, as well as relay appointment information to the parent regarding scheduled appointments and outcome of the child’s appointment.

In recognition and celebration of the school nurses who are diligently supporting the Healthy Learners mission while remaining dedicated to the health and wellness of school children in SC, Healthy Learners recently promoted a social media campaign in which Facebook voters chose one winning South Carolina school nurse as the School Nurse Superstar. The contest resulted in a tie between Chasity Boleman (Allendale Elementary School) and Stacy Harris (Summit Parkway Middle School).  However, after a run-off, Chasity Boleman was declared the winner of the Healthy Learners School Nurse Superstar Contest.  As the winner of the contest, Boleman will receive a weekend trip for two to Charleston.

Boleman received her bachelors degree and attended nursing school at the University of South Carolina Aiken. The majority of her work experience has been in the ER for over 10 years, however, she began working as a school nurse 3 years ago and loves it.  In addition to being the lead nurse for Allendale County school district,  she is a nurse at Allendale Elementary School.  Boleman is married and has 3 wonderful children.

Healthy Learners has served 37 children with 150 services this school year from Allendale Elementary School. “Chasity is a kind and compassionate nurse who treats her students like they are her own children.  The Healthy Learners Allendale team can count on her to help us achieve our mission,” said Shelley Thomas, coordinator of Healthy Learners Allendale.

Congratulations to Chasity Boleman and Healthy Learners thanks all school nurses.