Adult Spelling Bee 2019

“Providing access to health care for children whose families are unable to provide it themselves is such an important undertaking and Healthy Learners is meeting these unmet health care needs for many. Healthy Learners is doing meaningful work that has tremendous impact on the children it helps. We know George recognized that and we are honored to participate and honor his memory,” said Barbara Bagley.

An adult Spelling Bee benefiting Healthy Learners Greenwood will take place: 

September 24, 2019
6:30-8:30 pm
Emerald High School Gym


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To download general information, sponsorship and registration information click here.

What is the Healthy Learners Adult Spelling Bee?

• A fast-paced competition with 60 teams of 4 adults working to correctly spell words as a team.

• Teams will have 15-30 seconds to collaborate, then 15 seconds to PRINT the correct answer.

• Every team will be assigned a judge who will determine if their spelling is correct.

• Any team that misspells a word can BUY the word for $20 to stay in the competition.

• Any team that misspells a word and chooses NOT to BUY BACK IN must leave the floor.

• There will be four (4) rounds of words with 10-12 words in each Round:
*1) Easy, 2) Intermediate, 3) Difficult, and 4) Final Challenge Round.
* BUY BACKS are not allowed in the Final Challenge Round.

How your Business, School, Organization or Church can support Healthy Learners:
Enter a Four Member Adult Team, complete the Registration Form and send it with the $200 Registration Fee to the Healthy Learners Office (211 North Main Street, Greenwood, SC  29646). Your Team can be comprised of employees, friends, or local geniuses! Team Members’ names are not required with the Registration Form.

Become a Spelling Bee Sponsor:
Gold Premier Sponsor = $2500 (Includes 3 teams)
Silver Premier Sponsor = $1500 (Includes 2 teams)
Premier Sponsor = $1000
Supporting Sponsor = $500
Word Sponsor = $250 – $499

Donate to the Cause:
Patron Donor = $100 – $249 (Printed in program)
Donor = $20 – $99

We appreciate your support.

Kimi was a teeny, tiny little girl in the Early Childhood Center who loved to laugh and play. Then her teacher noticed she stopped laughing, and talking. Then she stopped eating. The school nurse determined that her mouth hurt. Really bad! Healthy Learners secured a dental appointment right away with a partner provider and provided transportation to the dentist, who determined she needed oral surgery! It was scheduled right away, and after 2 follow-up visits Kimi was once again laughing, talking, eating, and LEARNING, at no cost to her parents. Healthy Learners’ mission is to remove children’s health barriers to learning, with love and compassion.

As a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, we connect children to medical care so that poor health is not a barrier to learning. We deeply believe in our motto: Healthy Children. Better Students. Thriving Communities!

For more information or questions, please contact Becky McIntosh at 864.993.6501 or



The 2018 Friends of Healthy Learners Adult Spelling Bee was a HUGE success. Taking place on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at the Emerald High School Gym, 60 Teams competed and raised over $40,000 for Greenwood children.  Thank you for your support of Healthy Learners!

1st Place – Ware Shoals School District
2nd Place – First Baptist Church
3rd Place – Bermuda’s at Stoney Point