Friends of Healthy Learners

Anna Alford
Collaborative Council

Mary Bailey

Nancy Brigman
Mayor of Latta

Cullen Bryant

Ruby Carter

Gail Coleman

Eric Cooper

Angela Coward
Dillon County First Steps

Sharon English

Joan Ervin
McLeod Regional Medical Center

Diane Finklea

Travis Jackson
First Citizens Bank

Shannon Jensen
Community Advocate

Sean Johnson

James Leslie
Red Cross

Debbie Locklair
McLeod Health

Johnnie Luehrs
Dillon Chamber of Commerce

Gwen McClellan
Lake View Middle School

Vanessa McIntyre
Dillon Family Medicine

Tonny McNeil
Dillon County Economic Development Director

Shantel McTeer

Debbie Miller
Student Services Coordinator, Healthy Learners Dillon

Dee Newell
Program Manager, Healthy Learners Dillon

Wendy Pace, Ed.D

Jo Pauling-Jones
Executive Director, Healthy Learners

Ray Rogers
Dillon School District Four

Charlie Vance
First Bank