Allendale Community Meeting Successful

Posted on September 25th, 2012


Ken Hiatt, CEO/Administrator of Allendale County Hospital, the Friends of Healthy Learners Allendale and the Healthy Learners Board of Trustees hosted a Community Meeting at the James Brandt Building in Allendale this summer.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the sustainability of the Healthy Learners Allendale program and develop a Plan of Action, which would sustain the Healthy Learners Allendale program and continue to meet the many health care needs of Allendale’s children.

The participants at the meeting included the superintendent of Allendale County School District, school nurses and principals, Church and community members, parents of children served by Healthy Learners, Representative Lonnie Hosey, Senator Brad Hutto and a representative from Congressman Joe Wilson’s office.

Since August 2005, the Healthy Learners Allendale program has served 776children and provided access to 6,931 health care services.  A significant number of children served would not have received the health care they needed had it not been for the Healthy Learners Allendale program and its partners.